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A plant charging your devices

Sounds crazy but it’s real!

Using a compact and modern technology, Bioo Lite was able to produce electricity from the simple, every-day process in which plants rely on to survive, photosynthesis. Bioo provides a day and night constant electricity supply, proving that plants may just be the way out for truly clean renewable energies. With Bioo Lite they plan to redesign the concept of charging your phone or tablet. They want to make it easy to use, as easy as a normal electricity plug you now use from the wall, but instead, adding the clean and awesome look a plant of your choice provides.

We have plants everywhere, as decoration in our own homes or our work places. Why not use them for an even better matter. Plug in your devices to charge up in our unique, modern-looking plant pots and forget about your phone or tablet´s battery level. With Bioo Lite we are not only helping the environment by using plants as energy source, but also we intend to help our users by reducing their daily electricity consumption. No more electricity plugs, your own plants have got you fully covered with Bioo Lite.


How it works?

The magic happens inside the plant

So you may be wondering, how does this amazing piece of technology even work?

The magic happens inside the plant pot, where energy created by the plant´s biological elements expelled after photosynthesis is transferred for our use in form of electricity. This matter is produced with or without Bioo, it is simply part of the essential process of photosynthesis in which every plant has to take part to live. The process inludes a chemical and biological hybrid cell. This combination is vital to stabilize the system. This way, you are not forcing the plant to do or create anything else rather than what it always makes. It does not harm the plant in any way, either the technology or the process applied, and so environment is also a great winner from the implementation of this revolutionary technology. Furthermore, the system is self-regenerating.

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