Need a Nap: The split sleep schedule benefits and rewards

Dr. Noreen | The Tox Doc

Doctor Noreen

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Researchers in Australia have new research supporting taking a nap during the day instead of only sleeping at night. Instead there are 2 sleeping periods that add up to 7-9 hours of sleep per 24 hour day. This is a split sleeping schedule and here are the benefits.

  1. Reduces mental fatigue by responding to when the body needs sleep the most.
  2. The split schedules do not have to be equal in time. The night “shift” may be longer than the daily siesta if that is what the body responds to.
  3. Decreases dependency in stimulants – caffeine including cardio toxic energy drinks. Decreasing daily dosage of potentially toxic chemicals.
  4. One continuous sleep schedule at night may cause increased pressure on the body and increased anxiety.
  5. Lifts brain fog and provides 2 periods of alertness and increased activity. Increasing overall productivity during the day (at work)
  6. Daytime napping improves morale in places that allow it. Higher morale translates to higher productivity and the potential for higher profits.,
  7. Increases ability to focus, learn and improves memory.
  8. May reduce premature aging. Ever notice how physically damaging the lack of sleep is? Sagging skin, swollen eyes, etc, etc. By giving your body the required sleep it needs with a split schedule could slow the premature aging process caused by lack of sufficient rest.

Will this work for everyone? That has yet to be determined but there are advocates around the world. Of course more research and studying the successes or failures at companies that allow napping will support or dismiss the current research findings.

One key for sleep success, which means a refreshed awake period after sleeping, is being consistent. Scheduling nap periods when your body needs it and actually taking a nap should allow your body to acclimate to a more natural and responsive awake cycle!